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Pilot scale for a competitive European mining and metals industry

Metnet is a network of independent European pilot plants that design, construct and operate large pilot-scale equipment for mineral and metallurgical processes.

Our key market is the mining, mineral, metals and recycling industries. Customers are also found among technology and equipment providers as well as related industry.

We offer a complete solution in the value chain from raw material preparation to casting through a single-point of contact. When contact is established, the business arrangements are set up between customer and Metnet partner. This guarantees the confidentiality of the customer´s research.

Bring ideas into industrial use

Pilot plants facilities are the key in the innovation process to bring new technology into practice and thereby creating benefit for the industry. By bringing processes and techniques from a low TRL to high TRL, pilot-plant trials are of great importance to minimize technical and financial risks. Consequently, access to pilot plants is necessary to bring ideas or concepts into industrial use, i.e. “Crossing the valley of death”.